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Blog Creation

Whoever said the pen is mightier than the sword knew a thing or two. As writers, we’re pretty convinced about the power of the pen as well, and love the opportunity to sit at a keyboard and let the muse flow. That’s why we enjoy writing our own Crucial PR blog.

We know that not everyone feels the same way about words as we do, despite the fact that blogging is one of the most important web marketing techniques around.

Our blog writing service will leave you free from the worries of wrestling with words. We’ll provide an informative, entertaining and educational read that will not only capture you or your company’s voice, but will also help to grow your presence on the web.

Combined with our powerful web design, web words and social media management, our tailor-made packages will ensure your business will get noticed on the internet.


We have a dedicated team of experts who place and chase our press releases, but their skills can be used in other ways too.

If you are planning an event, we can research your target audience, issue invitations for you and chase responses.

Of course, if you prefer to write your own press releases, our team can issue them on your behalf and we can provide a Virtual Press Office to handle media enquiries.

Communication Campaigns

Sometimes the occasional press release is not enough. You may want a more concerted communication campaign to raise your profile or to drive a message home to your staff or customers.

Each organisation’s needs are different, which is why we tailor every campaign to the individual client.

We are experienced at raising awareness, which is why, for example, we were asked to produce a campaign to communicate Risk Management Best Practice for an international company.

We can come up with key messages, and produce powerful communication tools, using a variety of methods along with the written word, including DVDs, visual symbols and campaign characters, merchandise, posters, and the internet.

We can also help you to set up focus groups to monitor your campaign’s effectiveness and write speeches to help your managers to get the message across.

And if you’re launching a new company, or want to refresh a tired image, we can create a new identity with tailored brands, logos and websites.

Email Marketing

You’ve got a great business, you’ve got lots of happy clients - and you’ve got some new products or services that you can’t wait to tell them about. But how to tell them all?

What about that monthly newsletter, which was great way to keep customers posted about all your latest developments and great offers? It was a great idea to start with, but your success means you need to concentrate on your core business.

Crucial PR is ready to step in to organise your email marketing, ensuring that all your customers are kept in touch.

We can come up with an eye-catching design that looks great in email format, and provide the attention-grabbing words and pictures based on your simple brief. The newsletter will be emailed to all your customers like clockwork.

We will then be able to provide you with stats demonstrating those vital click-through rates, so you will know just how we are getting your message across.

Combined with our powerful web design, web words and social media management, our tailor-made packages will ensure your business will get noticed on the internet.

Headline News

Newspapers, magazines and brochures are key communication tools for any company, whatever its size.

If you do not have the time or expertise to research, write and design something suitable, or the budget for print and distribution costs, we have the perfect solution.

Treat visitors to your website home page, or your company's Intranet, to your Headline News - our flexible online publication service that supplies internet-ready pdf pages of articles all about your organisation.

We will research, gather and write your headline-making stories, and then design pages in an eye-catching newspaper style that will grab the attention of visitors to your website.

We present you with approved, ready to upload pages spotlighting your successes and achievements and aimed at your target audience, whether that is your own employees or clients world wide.

Your custom-made Headline News publication will carry your own company masthead and will be tailored to your chosen newspaper style.

You can publish on-line as often as you like, but ideally you would want it regularly re-freshed with new stories or fresh new editions. It can be printed off and sent to clients, used as a marketing tool to attract new business and emailed out to existing and prospec-tive clients.

The content of your Headline News publication may well prove of interest to local media and will provide rich social media fodder. It will also add a varied source of content to your site.

Click the images to download the samples

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Press Releases

As journalists and editors we know exactly what makes a good news story, which is why our press releases get used by some of the country’s leading news organisations, including TV and radio and leading local, regional and national press.

Our releases are carefully researched, precisely targeted and timed for maximum impact in print, broadcast and online media.

We can provide a one-off release or work alongside you to produce an on-going campaign of powerful news stories.

Our team of placers and chasers are in daily contact with the media and we never issue something, cross our fingers and hope that it gets there. We follow up every release with calls to news desks to check it has been received by the right person and that person has everything they need.

Crucial PR’s end-to-end service includes spotting potential news stories, and writing a powerful press release, and we operate a full approval process before issue. Afterwards, we will provide you with a report detailing media response and briefings for any media interviews.

We can also provide a Virtual Press Office to deal with the media.

Proof Reading

You know words are our business, and we are pretty good at editing too. So, if you have an article, or a weightier tome, that you want to ensure is spot on, then please get in touch.

We can also write speeches for that special occasion or articles for your company newsletter or intranet sites.

We can work with your words, or get inside your business and become your company voice. We’re good at that as well.


Most businesses and organisations want to spread their news.  However many cannot spare the time and effort and may not have the in-house expertise to produce a professional publication.

We can do the whole job for you, from sourcing stories and features to arranging photographs, writing, designing and printing.

Or, we can take any part of the job that you don’t want to do, including editing your contributed copy.

We produce:
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • brochures
  • newsletters
  • leaflets
  • annual reports
  • posters

Social Media Management

Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Bebo, LinkedIn, Ecademy - and more recently Google + – they are all are helping to change the way we look at the world today and how we present ourselves to the global market place.

Social media are proving to be powerful communications tools for the 21st century, impacting on our behaviour, attitudes and beliefs... and keeping companies and services on the front line.

But keeping various profiles up to date effectively and successfully is time-consuming, especially when you’ve got a business to run.

Let us help you to continue to do what you do so successfully, while we do what we do best - use our creative and journalistic skills to manage your social online networking presence effectively.

Combined with our powerful web design, web words and email services, our bespoke services will ensure your business will get noticed on the internet.


We work with independent creative video company Stormnet Media Ltd, to create affordable, engaging, persuasive and inspiring video communication.

Clients have benefited from our joint approach and Stormnet’s wide experience of producing promotional, corporate, marketing, training and sales DVDs, videos and online films.

Together our professional creative approach offers a cost-effective communication alternative, which ensures key messages hit home in a powerful and effective way.

Web Design

You may already have a website that’s looking tired and dated, or you may be eager to get your company online for the first time - whatever you need, our dream team can create just the right site for you.

You can provide your own words, or use us to produce sparkling copy and eye-catching images for you. We will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want.

All our websites are user-friendly, dynamic business tools with a clever eye on Search Engine Optimisation.

Click on any of these links to see the sort of impact your business could have too.

Web Words

Your website is your shop window, and so, of course, it must look good. But the content is quite simply crucial. It must be clear, attention grabbing and showcase your products and services to the best possible advantage.

We can work with your designer to write accurate and attention-grabbing copy to launch your new website or intranet site, or we can provide a complete web design and writing service.

It is easy to launch your site with a fanfare... and then forget it. if you do not have time to re-visit on a regular basis and update information, the number of hits your site receives will similarly tail off.

We can take that pressure off by providing a tailored service to update and refresh copy, which will make sure your site doesn’t drop out of sight.