Green is go for pioneering Birmingham business

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Revolutionising the creation of renewable energy from household waste

GROUND-breaking green technology designed and developed by a Birmingham business looks set to revolutionise the creation of renewable energy from household waste.

The first Vickers Seerdrum machine to come off the production line has been snapped up by Atlanta-based company Synergy Solutions to generate renewable energy for powering an ethanol production facility.  

The Seerdrum machine manufactured in partnership with Cork-based Crowley Engineering, represents a huge leap forward in technology, taking household black bag waste in at one end and sorting materials suitable for recycling. 

Valuable products are separated out, allowing the organic waste to be used to produce renewable energy, providing businesses with a cheap source of green energy power. 

“This machine is the first of its kind, we are taking a new approach to tackling waste in an environmentally friendly and commercially viable way,” says Seerdrum Director Steven Kaack.

“This technology is not being used anywhere else in the waste industry at the moment, because it’s easier to just tip rubbish in a hole in the ground or burn it. If you burn it or bury it you’ve wasted a valuable resource which is gone for ever.”

Legislation currently in the pipeline looks set to tighten up regulations around waste disposal and engineer and innovator Steven, together with fellow Director Bob Grierson, believe the technology they began developing three years ago is world-beating.

“We are ahead of the game. We have designed machines which will recover valuable materials economically, safely and efficiently. This will be of huge benefit to business and interest world-wide has already been phenomenal,” Bob reveals.

Local Authorities are also expected to recognise the potential of Seerdrums, as the machine sorts residual black bag waste, which will help them achieve and exceed their recycling targets.

The first Seerdrum, an 18 metre long, four metre high machine capable of processing 300 tonnes of rubbish a day is now providing US Company Synergy Solutions with an alternative to oil-fired energy which is expected to generate cost savings of around $2 million a year. 

Vickers Seerdrum

Gunnebo UK's GP-X system foils yet more ATM gas attacks

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TWO UK companies' phones are red hot after a clever ATM protection product foiled another explosive gas attack.

Would-be raiders sped off empty handed again when Gunnebo UK and Safe & Vault Company's Gas Attack Protection (GP-X) system detected the gas, prevented the explosion and instantly alerted the police.

“Of course, we would rather such a potentially dangerous crime didn’t exist at all, but we are pleased to be able to offer a proven protection against it,” says Gunnebo UK Key Account Manager Steve Lockhart.

“We can show banks and other ATM operators how the system works in our trials, but a real-life success has customers queuing up as soon as the news gets out in the financial marketplace.”

The first GP-X system was installed in December 2014, and thwarted a gas attack in May this year. The latest attempted raid, on a major high street bank cash machine, was prevented last week.

"Once again, there was no collateral damage to the building, the money was untouched and it was business as usual for the customer,” added Steve.

ATM gas attacks have been on the increase in Europe for some time. The first UK incident was in 2013 and numbers have been rising steadily since.

Wolverhampton-based Gunnebo UK and Leeds-based Safe & Vault Company joined forces to develop the GP-X solution, which can be retro-fitted or installed at manufacturing stage.

They have also launched the ATM Strongarm, to protect cash machines from ram raiders and digger attacks.

“That product is also attracting a lot of interest, but the GP-X is causing the biggest stir in financial institutions, who want to protect their business, their cash and also their staff and the public from possible explosions,” explains Steve.

Gunnebo UK helping to foil cash machine raiders

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A GAS attack on a bank cash machine spectacularly failed, thanks to an impressive ATM protection product developed and delivered by a partnership between Gunnebo UK and the Safe & Vault Company. 

The delighted customer - a major high street bank - praised their Gas Attack Protection (GP-X) system, which foiled the night time raid at a branch. 

The would-be thieves left empty-handed when the GP-X detected the gas, triggered the alarm and prevented the explosion. 

"Unlike similar attacks, there was no collateral damage to the bank building and the money remained secure inside the ATM. The branch was able to open for business as usual the next morning,” reported Gunnebo UK Key Account Manager Steve Lockhart. 

The GP-X was installed by Wolverhampton-based security solutions experts Gunnebo UK and was developed by Leeds-based Safe & Vault Company to address the increase in ATM gas attacks in the UK.

The GP-X can be factory-fitted and retro-fitted to existing machines. GP-X detects flammable gas or oxygen and then implements a range of measures to prevent the explosion and fire, as well as triggering an alarm.

Gunnebo UK and Safe & Vault Company have also just launched another new product, the ATM Strongarm, to thwart ram raiders and pull out attacks.

Gunnebo forms key partnership with LockRIte Locksmiths

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LEADING Security Solutions expert Gunnebo UK has joined forces with the country’s largest uniformed locksmiths network, LockRite Locksmiths, to provide powerful additional services to customers.

It is a natural alliance for the two companies, which both have big name customers that prize excellent service, products and delivery.

“Strategic partnerships are an extremely valuable way of expanding the range of quality services offered by Gunnebo. I am therefore particularly pleased to announce our alliance with LockRite, who share our vision for quality and customer service,” commented Paul Hutchinson Managing Director Gunnebo UK Ltd.

Philip Hargreaves, Managing Director of LockRite Locksmiths Ltd, added: “We are delighted to be forming an alliance with Gunnebo, a company with such a clear, proven ability to deliver. Our partnership will enable our existing and new clients to benefit from our mutual expertise.”

The working partnership will enable Gunnebo to offer additional commercial locksmith services to existing and new customers and LockRite Locksmiths to extend its security offering via the Gunnebo specialisms.

Wolverhampton-based Gunnebo UK, which also has sites in Sussex and Yorkshire, is a total security solutions provider that has been working with banks, retailers, cash in transit companies and public and commercial businesses for almost 200 years.

It is part of the global Gunnebo Security Group and specialises in entrance and access control, secure storage, cash handling and electronic security.

Exeter-based LockRite Locksmiths was founded in 2007 and quickly developed an excellent reputation within the Facilities Management industry for efficiency and professionalism, bringing an ancient trade up to date with 21st century technology and innovation.

Covering the UK with a network of highly-trained, security checked and branded engineers, LockRite is also committed to providing a customer-centric service that mirrors Gunnebo’s core values of Customer Focus, Commitment to Quality, Professionalism, Integrity and Co-operation.  

Gunnebo  LockRite alliance celebration

LockRite Locksmiths MD Philip Hargreaves and Gunnebo UK MD Paul Hutchinson (right) celebrate a powerful partnership.