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Juliette Kemp
Juliette Kemp is an established and highly experienced journalist who has written and designed for many of th...
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on Tuesday, 25 October 2011
in Journalism

A way with words

Itís funny isnít it. For this particular writer the word Blog might have well been Block. A four-letter word that certainly didnít require repeating due to itís mind-sweeping qualities. I love words: a well-honed phrase, some clever wordplay, copy that has a rhythm and a music all of its own.

I may not always agree with The Sun newspaper but I certainly enjoy the skill and wit of the headline writers.And itís not always the banner front-page headlines - some of which have remained talking points for decades.

No the greatest admiration and pleasure is reserved for those single column, sometimes single word, gems.

  • Hair trigger - an Austrian woman is saved by the drier she is sitting underzip_me_up_before_you_go_go when the gun her hairdresser was fooling around with went off (extraordinary in itself)
  • Lost and pounds - only four lines. Heathrow Airportís lost property office locatesan OAPís missing bag containing £70,000.

I earn my living writing words - why should all thoughts of a blog clear any coherent creative thought from my head.

But then seeking inspiration I found or, more to the point, I found Robertbruceís excellent blog and there, where he cites a story of legendary American copy writer Eugene Schwartz who wrote a hit ad from notes taken during a four-hour meeting with a client.

Bruce writes: ďSchwartz knew how to write a powerful direct response ad. The client didnít. Schwartz was smart enough to know that the client knew (in this case) his own product better than he ever could, and simply translated that knowledge and passion onto paper.

The ideas were sitting in the clientís head and Schwartz knew exactly what to do with them.Ē And I knew exactly what he was talking about and immediately the muse was flowing for of course, thatís what we at Crucial PR are all about.

Generally, in life, people work at doing what they do best but they might not be the best at telling others about it.

So we do what we do best, using our love of words, our knowledge and our passion, into transferring our clients ideas from their heads onto paper, onto social media platforms and out to the worldwide web.

Donít worry if you donít think youíve got anything interesting to say, leave that to us. We love talking to people and we love to listen - and we love to let our words do the rest.

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Juliette Kemp is an established and highly experienced journalist who has written and designed for many of the leading dailies and weeklies in the West Midlands, as well as several glossy lifestyle magazines.
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