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Busy doing nothing

Posted by Juliette Kemp
Juliette Kemp
Juliette Kemp is an established and highly experienced journalist who has written and designed for many of th...
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on Wednesday, 26 September 2012
in Web

Crikey it's easy to waste time with the internet at your disposal. We've all done it. †We start with the best of intentions - to sit down and do some serious research.

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Posted by Lynne Powell
Lynne Powell
Lynne is an experienced journalist, editor and PR consultant. Contact her at and v...
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on Friday, 09 March 2012
in Miscellaneous
Iíve done a lot of hanging round school gates at home time over the years. In a nice, perfectly legal, way.So Iím not in the least bit surprised by the BBC report of the Bristol University study that mums in deprived areas are put off taking their toddlers to playgroups because they donít think they will fit in with the other parents and, more directly.Iíve been steaming about that story, and all Iíve observed of the sometime school...
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