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on Thursday, 23 February 2012
in Journalism

Write on and change the world

THE tragic and untimely end to Marie Colvin's brilliant and courageous career has come as a powerful antidote to the tide of sleaze which seemed to seep out and stain the 

eyepatch400reputation of all journalists in the wake of the Leveson inquiry. She believed passionately in uncovering the truth wherever she found it and the example she set now reminds us of the very highest standards that can be achieved in the profession.

The role of the war correspondent, which she carried out so successfully over three decades covering conflicts around the globe, has changed remarkably little, given the way 21st century communication has moved on. News is now rolling and unstoppable, communication is instant and world-wide, yet there is still no subtitute for the brave correspondent who packs her bag and heads off to the most dangerous far-flung war-torn places to get the story first hand. The world still needs professionals like Marie to bear witness to unspeakable acts which would otherwise remain hidden.

Marie made the ultimate sacrifice to broadcast the truth about what she found among the bombs and bullets of Homs. She was the kind of inspirational figure most plying the trade would never even aspire to imitate. But anyone who seeks to communicate important messges to a wider audience can learn a lesson from her fearless seeking after the truth.

Her tragic death shines a spotlight on the importance of a continuing need for brave, responsible and accurate reporting in a free society. Commenting on her pride in what journalism could achieve Marie once said; 'Isn't it simple? You just try to find out the truth of what's going on and report it the best way you can." By her example Marie has shown that great writing can still change the world.

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